PressBooks… A Simple Book Publishing Tool

 Put your book content into PressBooks, edit as you like, and export into ebook and PDF/print-on-demand formats.

This chapter will gives you a very quick overview of PressBooks, which can be explored in more detail in the rest of this Guide.

The (Shortest!) 5-Step Guide to Making a Book with PressBooks

  1. Register for a PressBooks account
  2. Add Book Information (title, author name etc).
  3. Add/Organize Text (your chapters etc)
  4. Choose Book Design Theme (what your book will look like)
  5. Export your book in required file formats: MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB (for Nook/iBooks etc), PDF (for print and print-on-demand)

About thmspoole

I am retired, USMC. Writing, 'Blogging,' for me, is an avocation. l will be 75...soon...
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