Blog-to-Book Capability of PressBooks

You can create a book from your entire blog or export a single category. “PressBooks is actually much more than a blog-to-book tool. It’s an open source, online book publishing platform used by many, including the Harvard Business Review Press,” 

How to Use Pressbooks to Go Blog-to-Book  Guest post by Carla King

“When I found out that PressBooks had a blog-to-book tool, frankly, I didn’t expect much, as similar tools I’ve tried have crashed or stalled in the middle of the process without so much as an error message. But because, after all, it is my job, I was obligated to take a moment to try it. Sigh. Imagine my surprise when PressBooks consumed my blog posts in under 30 seconds.”


About thmspoole

I am retired, USMC. Writing, 'Blogging,' for me, is an avocation. l will be 75...soon...
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